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4 Moments When Arnab Goswami Is The Most Badass Guy On T.V

arnab goswami

Arnab Goswami has had a meteoric rise to fame. He’s become a household name in almost no time – and he’s done all of that on his own. That doesn’t mean all of the attention has been positive though. Goswami has trended (on Twitter and everywhere else) because more often than not – it’s his shouting (rather than his debates) that all of us look at. As the joke goes – On a TV remote, if Manmohan is Mute, Arnab is full volume.

arnab goswami

Here are some of the most memorable Arnab Goswami moments we’ve had:

#4 – Arnab Goswami in Hindi:

Goswami goes all out in Hindi for a full five minutes in this debate. And he’s equally vicious in this language too. Or even better, some would say. The debate gets better as it progresses. Check it out:


#3 – Goswami vsJagdishTytler:

Arnab: “Let me tell you right at the start. Do not try to be aggressive with me. Do not try to patronize me. Don’t try to lecture me. And don’t try to question me.”

If this isn’t swag, I don’t know what is.

It gets better though –3:00 onwards, Arnab completely surprises Tytler in a move that’ll have you in splits!


#2 – ‘Never Ever’ with MeenakshiLekhi:

Meenakshi Lekhi made a fool of herself when she said ‘If you can say what you want, I’ll also say what you want’. But that’s not the point.

This went viral a couple of months ago. Pay attention to the debate, and you’ll probably agree Arnab is in the wrong here. But well, who cares – this is the Newshour! Arnab’s Newshour! Never ever, ever ever, make Arnab angry again :P


Raka Ashok has come up with a pretty catchy mashup (Arnab mashups are apparently the ongoing trend these days) of this here:


#1 – ‘Dented & Painted Women’ with Abhijeet Mukherjee:

This 7 minute segment is perhaps the most memorable ArnabGoswami moment for most of us. Ever since he made a joke out of Mukherjee on this show – he’s only gotten more notorious, and loud.


This video too has its own audio mashup:


Bonus – TVF Spoof:

A combo of many Arnab moments (including Lekhi’s) and mannerisms in 13 minutes – this video is hilarious!


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10 Most Badass Looking Nokia Phones Ever

nokia ngage

Of course you’ve had a Nokia phone sometime in your life. In fact, most of our first handsets were Nokia phones. While Nokia may be best known for its sturdiness, there’s no denying that the company also experimented like crazy with its designs – and gave us some of the most unique looking phones ever. Some of the most unique designs are:

#10 – Nokia 7370:


Here’s what set the 7370 apart – a rotating display! You could turn this phone’s screen all the way to the other end, covering the keypad. Loaded with features, it also had a 2MP camera and 8 MB of memory onboard.

#9 – Nokia 7610:


Released in 2004, The 7610 remains one of the more famous of Nokia’s phones. I’ve hated this device for its screwed up keyboard layout that always had me correcting what I typed.

#8 – Nokia 6800:

nokia 6800

The Nokia 6800 was released in 2002. It was among the first to feature a two-in-one keypad – both QWERTY and normal. While that may have given it functional advantages, it sure did make the handset look rather weird.

#7 – Nokia 7900 Prism:

nokia 7900 prism

Released in 2007, Nokia experimented with the keypad again on this one – only this time, the result wasn’t so bad. We could still type on the 7900 prism – and the triangular design for the keys was good on the eyes too.

#6 –Nokia N-Gage:

nokia ngage

The N-Gage has got to be on this list. Featuring one of the most unique designs ever – the handset released to much hype (all of us wanted one as kids) – and failed to sell. Of course it would – you had to hold the handset perpendicular to your ears (and not across them) to make phone calls. Wtf?

#5 –Nokia N90:

Nokia N90

Not sure if camcorder or phone – the Nokia N90 had 2 screens on either side of its rotating display.

#4 –Nokia 5510:

nokia 5510

Among the most bulky Nokia phones I’ve seen – this 2001 device came loaded with what they called ‘multimedia’ features – and still featured a monochrome display. It did include an MP3 player though – I’ll give them that.

#3 –Nokia 3650:


This 2003 device was among the first to feature a rear camera. I’m not sure how many photos you could click with the amazing amount of memory on board – 3.4 MB. All the functionality was however, dwarfed by the focus on its design – another circularly laid-out, confusing keypad sat proudly on the device.

#2 – Nokia 7600:

nokia 7600

With the keypad positioned in such a haphazard way – the Nokia 7600 makes the 7610 look good. Aside from feeling weird to hold in your hands with that crazy shape, it was also a nightmare to make phone calls holding it next to your ear.

The Nokia 7600 was 3G ready and shipped with 30MB of memory.

#1 – Nokia 7280:

nokia 7280

I must confess – I have never ever seen a design quite like this. Looking more like a USB flash drive than a phone, the Nokia 7280 had no keypad. Worse – it didn’t have a touchscreen either. So how do you get it to work? By using a scrollable navigation wheel.

It’s no surprise the phone didn’t sell – there’s no way we’d like to type our entire messages by scrolling through 26 characters all the time.

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5 Reasons Why Liam Neeson Is Awesome

Liam Neeson has it all – the swag, the voice, the amazing action he brings to us on the big screen. He’s played some of the most memorable characters in some of the most epic movies we’ve seen – and he does it so effortlessly. What makes him so awesome?

1- Your attention is going to be Takenas you read about the awesomeness of Liam Neeson. If you don’t know who he is, I can tell you he is the one who mentored Batman, led the A Team, and rescued his daughter from Paris single handily. Even though he has played a negative role in Batman Begins, something in Neeson doesn’t allow you to dislike him. There is this inherent liking for him that doesn’t go away, no matter which role he plays.


2 – If you still are not convinced, let me tell you that this man with his particular set of skills, acquired over a very long career, the charm and the wits, is the epitome of suaveness. The handsome bold self that he is and the intensity with which he has played every single role is what makes him one of the most appreciated and highly rated actors of Hollywood.


3- He is Irish and with that boxer physique (from his previous profession) can surely make anyone go weak in their knees (irrespective of their gender) :P


What makes his acting even more engaging and attractive is his deep, intense voice. It is yet another reason which keeps the audiences glued to the screen while Neeson is casting his acting spell.

4- I’m sure every girl in this world would want a father like him, after Taken. The retired CIA dad, becomes a complete bad-ass and with his very efficient skills kicks the ass of those Albanian sex-traders and saves his daughter.


His style of acting is incomparable and the way he has pulled off his character in Taken is just out of the world.

5 – His ability to make his presence felt and the fact that he can get audiences of all age groups to connect to him and his characters makes him even more popular. He is like the guy-next door , a guy with his own areas of perfection and flaws, someone common masses can identify with.



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5 Worst Indian Advertisements of All Time

What can be more annoying than commercials in the middle of your favorite television show?Annoying commercials, that’s what.

All of us have seen a lot of poor advertising during our lives, but sadly there’s nothing much we can do about it.What makes the adverts even more intolerable and irritating is the fact that we need to seem them so often, over and over again. Putting up with them becomes next to impossible.

Here’s a list of some of the worst adverts you can ever come across on Indian television:

5 – The Economic Times – the Power of Ideas [youtube=]

I didn’t see this coming from a brand I respect. The Economic Times, as part of its ‘Power of Ideas’ campaign, came up with this undeniably fail advert. Although the attempt was to make the advert look goofy – the output was much worse.

4 – ‘SirfDekhnekanahi’ – IPL [youtube=]

Dafuq did I just see? This advert combines shockingly poor advertising with irritating mannerisms from Farah Khan. Worse – we had to endure it throughout the IPL season.

3–Harpic Advert [youtube=]

We’ve been seeing this for years now. Hussain as the hygiene vigilante who conducts surprise toilet checks in every house in your neighbourhood. And somehow, no one seems to mind him barging in.

2-Crazy Feet – Vodafone [youtube=]

I still haven’t understood why everyone must exhaust their net packs by watching innumerable, pointless, and lame videos of people trying to impersonate a chicken. Not good, Vodafone.

1–Samsung S4 Launch – ‘Samsung Style’ [youtube=]

While we mention some of the worst Indian advertisements, how could this be left behind.The most epic fail ever – featuring the launch of the Samsung S4 where the talented (?)Ranveer Singh performs pathetically breaking all the records and making its way to #1 on my list of worst adverts. Some gems like ‘Aagey bhi camera, peechey bhi camera’ also feature as dialogues. 

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