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5 Reasons You Don’t Need BBM

Whether you’re a BBM user or not – you’ve probably had an overdose of those BBM Pins all over your social feeds. Many people – 10 million on the first day in fact – jumped onto the BBM bandwagon. Most of these, already veterans on WhatsApp, Viber and others, have no reason to be on BBM. I am convinced BBM is an inferior Instant Messaging experience. Here’s 5 reasons why: 

Sharing Files:  
If you are among those who have been using various IM applications on a regular basis,sharing contacts and location might not be a big deal for you. You take it for granted. It’s ‘just another feature’ that your IM app provides you.But if you have recently switched to BBM, you may not have that privilege as BBM does not let you send your location and other contact information across your various contacts. BBM, unlike other IM applications deprives you of this very basic feature. And you’ll only start missing it now.

Pin v/s number: BBM pins

Unlike WhatsApp which requires a phone number for getting in contact with other users, BBM is based on Pin-Based invites. You only add those who’ve been kind enough to give you their PIN.Unlike WhatsApp (and perhaps fortunately), BBM doesn’t allow any random person who simply has your number to reach you. You’ll argue that this can take care of your privacy to a great extent, and justifiably too. But I beg to differ.

If someone really is going to stalk you – they’re not going to do it through just BBM, bro. As Lao says to Lucius in the The Dark Knight – ‘a simple phone call would’ve sufficed’.

So all you BBM loyalists , WhatsApp (and others) aren’t really at a disadvantage here. In fact, they’re making life simpler.BBM Pins do not provide any extra privacy.

Unification: bbm downloads

Another uncomfortable consequence of the dependency on Pins – If you plan to change your handset, you might just lose all your contacts in BBM. Each BlackBerry handset has a unique PIN assigned to it. In a new handset, you will have to reinstall BBM and create your BBM contact list all over again with a new BBM pin. On Android phones, you can backup WhatsApp conversations and import them to another phone. So much win (again).

Lack of emoticons:

For people who love expressing themselves through emoticons – BBM comes across as a source of disappointment – there are a lot lesser emoticons for use. Google Hangouts has tons (tons!) of emoticons, while WhatsApp has a pretty large base itself. All of these helping you express yourselves in every which way.But there are hardly any on BBM. Another drawback which might hold you back from installing this overhyped IM application.

Availability: bbm windows phone

Despite the fact that it received 10 million downloads in 24 hours, the limitations it possess are going to bring it nowhere close to the most widely used IM application. Do we have it on Windows Phone? No! Do we have it on Symbian? No! There – now there’s an added hassle of keeping 2 IM clients to talk to people on those platforms.

There’s no need for yet another (and inferior) IM client for any of us. Stop bombarding people with your PINs, and get back to WhatsApp!

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How Not to Make a Fool of Yourself Online

While having an online profile is no big deal these days, it is not very easy to maintain one. I’ve come across hordes of people who consistently make fools of themselves online – either by tagging dozens of people in their photos, or by launching a barrage of exclamation marks.

It doesn’t help. Stop indulging in such stupidity online. Before you find yourself stuck in any such situation and end up embarrassing yourself, here’s a handy guide to growing up online.

Behave like grown ups

Just like you stopped listening to Taylor Swift after you stepped into adulthood, it’s time for you to grow up socially and quit doing immature stuff on social networking sites. It’s time for you to stop putting up those overly expressive statuses followed by never ending string of emoticons and exclamation marks. Truth is, you are only making a fool of yourself.

Please do not end up doing something like this. pic1-exclamation

Liking your own status and photo

As if asking to like one’s status wasn’t enough,some people take self-satisfaction to a whole new level. They began to like their own statuses and photographs. It’s shocking, but it is one of the most common activities you would come across on Facebook. pic2-likestatus

It’s understandable that you want to be noticed and appreciated, but such levels of desperation that lead you to like your own statuses and photos only point towards your low self-esteem. 

Tagging all your friends in your own photo

Why on earth would you do that? Why would you tag 30 other dudes in photo featuring yourself?

There’s a good number of people who somehow are able to pull this off (and get away with it). pic3-tagphoto

This, again is one of those above mentioned fail attempts to get likes on your photo.While you may think this gets your snaps some attention, all it does is annoy the people who are tagged for no reason.

Stop using hashtags

Going the Twitter way, Facebook is full of statuses overflowing with hashtags lately. Unfortunately, most of them make absolutely no sense. Every single word you type out on Facebook need not be hashtagged, especially when you have no idea how to use it. pic4-hastag

For people #who use #hashtag in every second #word on their #facebook statuses without #actually knowing how to #use it, you might want to#check out pic5-hashtagrules

With the Facebook crowd going crazy after BBM was released for Android and iOS, your news feed is probably full of BBM pin statuses.

Whether it be iOS7 update or the release of latest Android version, while mentioning it in your status is fine, but it definitely does not have the “swag factor” you think it does. pic6-calmdownios

If you’re not someone who indulges in all this – great. If you do – please grow up.

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