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5 Reasons why Twitter is better than Facebook


It’s showdown time. Almost major part of the young lot uses both of the social networking platforms. But today I am here to tell you why the micro- blogging site Twitter is way better than the Social Networking revolutionary platform- Facebook. I have nothing against Facebook and personally I use both but lately I’ve been spending more time browsing on my Twitter timeline than on my Facebook Feeds.

So I thought and self intervened my mind, and here I am giving you 5 reasons why Twitter is way better than Facebook. And yet again this is purely subjective my opinions may vary and if they don’t, let’s drink to that!

1.      Thank God! For the word limit.

The word limit is like a blessing in disguise. The 140 character limit has spared us all the life’s drama and unnecessary Bollywood lyrics updates. I mean really, I have no interest in knowing why your heart goes hmmmm?!? Spare me the horror. Besides all the unnecessary status updates, Twitter very smartly helps us express in very few words. Use right words, keep your shit precise, and leave. Thank you for the entertainment.


2.      Celebrities notice me.

Unlike Facebook which is overcrowded and vast, Twitter is concise and compact. And I can tag my favorite celebrity in a particular thought and might get Retweeted (Dream come true eh?). The fact that celebrities are quiet active on the micro-blogging site makes it even fascinating. It’s like 24 hour sneak into my celebrities life (not in some creepy stalker way). But I see very less celebrities on Facebook as compared to Twitter. At least I do.


3.      Say aye for ‘Contests’

This is the fun part of the micro-blogging site. Contests by various brands. Of course the brands do it for promotion and publicity but people like me do it for the free gifts. Personally, half of the stuff I own is practically won by me in some Twitter contest. It’s madness but who doesn’t like free gifts.


4.      The Circus of Trending Hashtags.

And do I even have to mention the Hashtag madness. #Never I don’t think so. One Hashtag and you are on the list of world’s opinions. Be it anything, #Twerk #Love #ArnabGoswami #Aloknath #Kejriwal, it puts you on the trending map. And I kid you not trending on global basis is ome serious shit!


5.      Not taken down by the’ Family Brigade’

And last but not the least, I see myself in a Family Free zone. I don’t have annoying aunties and uncles hovering over my head with each and every life update I make on the micro-blogging site. I hope it stays this for a while because we need our bullshit outlet medium.  So I suggest till the time your parents and clingy relatives discover this particular social networking platform exploit it with posting on your opinions and carry on with the mindless jibber jabber. May your brain blossom within the 140 character limit.



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