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Top 5 Best Lyric Videos


A very recent phenomenon to take your internet by its throat is the – Concept of a LYRIC VIDEO. Let me take the liberty and explain it you what it entails. Basically you can read the lyrics of the song which pops up on your screen simultaneously when you play the song on YouTube; it’s just like a well made lyric video of the original track of an artist. Please don’t mistake it to be a fan lyric video (which I don’t really blame you for, YouTube is stormed with those kinds of videos).

So, lately a few artists have been following a certain pattern- first they release the lyric video and then the official music video of the song. And that caught my attention. I must say some artist did really take equal amount of pain to make a flawless lyric video. Hence I’ve created a list of top 5 best lyric videos so far. (My opinion may vary but if it doesn’t *Hi5*). So here goes the list.

No.5. Boys Like Girls “Be Your Everything’

The entire concept of the lyric video caught my attention. The paper craft game we used play in our school and the simplicity of just using a single composition notebook is completely amazing. I think it puts in a sincere effort in what the song tries to convey plus the typography of the lyrics is simple and readable. It makes it a cute little video to watch.

No.4. Cassettes Won’t Listen “Falling Apart”

I particularly like this artist. But the reason I can’t get this song out of my head is because the first time I looked up for this artist on YouTube I came across this mind-blowing lyric video of one of his song. And the video just builds itself and carries itself. If you see the video, you’ll understand what I exactly want to say. The typography and the whole idea of Falling Apart, the emotions and the fluidity of words falling out of your mouth is JUST AMAZING. Take a look.


No. 3. U2 “No Ordinary Love”

Ok, U2. That should somehow sum the amount of art and soul the song pours out. But they have intensely put forward a screen full of chalked words and equally amazing street art. This particular track is from the soundtrack for the movie “Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom”. Let me not ruin it anymore, take a look for yourself.


No.2. John Mayer “Paper Doll”

Well, talk about doing something out of the box. This video ‘fits’ in perfectly. Literally! I really want to meet the person who conceptualized the whole video. Some serious balls you need here to push such a video out on such a beautiful song. The quirkiness just soothes my senses.  Let me also tell you this, there are extremes to the video viewing- in the sense you either might love the video or just simply hate it (or find it very annoying- not the song just the lyric video). So take a look and pick which side are you on.


No.1. Katy Perry “Roar”

And the number 1 spot had no debates in my head. Ms.Perry always does something that stands out. And the lyric video of her single Roar takes the throne. What do we do first thing in the morning? We check our phones and from there starts our day. And Ms.Perry very aptly has captured the whole essence in her song in bright texts and cute little emojis. God! It’s so refreshing to see creativity work its magic.  Let me tell you this I still watch this video. Now let me allow you to enjoy the video too.


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Top 5 Youtubers To Sign Your Souls To

The internet has been around a while, so has Youtube (the saviour and part of the holy trinity of all websites), and chances are everyone already knows what vlogging is.

It also must be noted that preference for YouTubers are subjective, and it is with great difficulty that this writer left out nerimon, DailyGrace, Tyler Oakley, Danisnotonfire, and most of all, Crabstickz. (Chris Kendell gave the world the internet webshow I Can’t Even and Becca Hodgekins, for which we must have a moment of silence.)

I shall move past the hipstery ‘I was watching vloggers before it was cool’ tirade to grant a guide for the newcomers; so here is a list of the five best Youtubers:

5. Jenna Marbles

It is more than a little likely that possibly everyone knows the blonde girl who likes to swear (a lot), but her videos are genuinely entertaining, and maybe surprisingly insightful. It also helps that she doesn’t attempt to be dignified in any manner and possesses an amount of snark anyone would love to pull off. Unabashedly honest and assisted by her dogs, her videos are usually sketches that leave you both confused and in splits. 

4. Vlogbrothers (John and Hank Green)

Nerdfighteria ahoy! One of the first famous vlog channels, brothers John and Hank Green are responsible for the large internet community called nerdfighters, supporting charities – not to mention general geekiness that is generally ignored rather than celebrated. They are also responsible for DFTBA (Don’t forget to be awesome) and John Green is the person we can blame for the gut ripping bestseller of a book, The Fault in our Stars. (The tears never stem, interwebbers. Never.)

3. ItsWayPastMyBedtime (Carrie Hope Fletcher) 

Genuinely one of the kindest, nicest people in the sarcasm infested swamp of the internet, Carrie is also known as McFly member Tom Fletcher’s little sister and the actress currently playing Eponine in London’s production of Les Miserables. She was termed official Cup Song ambassador and her subscribers call themselves Hopefuls. If that isn’t sticky and adorable, I don’t know what is. (Besides a sleepy puppy, of course.)

2. AmazingPhil (Phil Lester) Twitter578bffc_jpg

Also one of the original vloggers, AmazingPhil is currently the co host of the BBC Radio One request show with flatmate and fellow YouTuber Danisnotonfire (Dan Howell). The British man is undeniably hilarious, in a manner not very different from a precocious twelve year old, and welcomes his subscribers (Phil’s Lions, named for his legendary affection for a small plush lion always visible in his videos) with the kind of enthusiasm about his life that lesser mortals may find exhausting. Phil talks about everything, ranging from Animal Crossing rehab to creepy neighbours or his pet sea monkey (RIP Simon) and it  won’t be a stretch to claim the man is sunshine.

1. KickthePJ (PJ Ligouri) kickthepj _ so today is my birthday or whatever_

If life was fair and innovation was more entertaining than a dancing cat, KickthePJ would have the millions of subscribers and views he deserved. That aside, this channel is one of the more magical places on the internet due to PJ’s sheer stretch of imagination. With an equally brilliant team and armed with more vision than the average person, he calls himself a story teller and makes videos that are more cinematic than attention seeking. His short films and stories are amusing and surreal, creating new dimensions and reality with little to no difficulty. Whether it’s taking his viewers for a walk (filming only his feet throughout) or the terrifying Wiggles the clown, PJ slips into each adventure with ease and it is difficult not to follow.

 Let us now take a moment to appreciate the memes that we have now, thanks to the combined efforts of Youtube and Tumblr. Amen.

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10 Things That Prove One Direction Is Taking Over The World

The American Music Awards_ Red Carpet Menswear _

Reasons that prove One Direction is taking over the world and you should be afraid:

I’d like to straighten my bowtie and clear my throat and thank my little sister for all the information. Google doesn’t know as much as your token One Direction fan.

1. You can’t open a Youtube video without Vevo telling you about the newest One Direction single.

2. Your sister is begging you to download the new album, and you’re almost completely sure it’s the third one just this year.

3. It is literally impossible to switch on a music channel or open a magazine without seeing the band’s surprisingly good looking British faces grinning up at you.

4. On a bad day, before you shriek and close the magazine, you can’t help but think, damn, that one dude has some fine cheekbones. Not to mention longer eyelashes than you. 

5. Your sister is really excited for your birthday, and you’re touched, except it’s because Zayn Malik has his a few days after.

6. Your Youtube history is most likely angry feminist music or compilations of puppies falling asleep, but Youtube insists upon recommending “Top Five Cutest Harry Styles Moments!” ( Why, Youtube. Why.)

7. Your indie music hipster friend says, apologetically, that she quite likes that one song off the album. tumblr_mqnrp67z4G1sr0o1wo1_1280

8. You open any sort of music playlist online, and even if it’s called “Angry music to have an existential crisis to”, you can bet your favourite shoes it has at least one song by One Direction. With no explanation.

9. Most thirteen year olds you speak to know more about the band (including time of birth and number of siblings) than you do about your college major.

10. It doesn’t matter if you don’t follow One Direction fan accounts on Twitter or Tumblr – a picture of Harry Styles with his daily Starbucks with a photoshopped flower crown will appear on your dashboard. (As a sidenote, no one knows why the flower crown manips are so popular. Its like Gangnam Style all over again.)

The end of the world as we know it is quite near.

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The Facebook Effect

In the days before the Internet, before social media, before one-to-many interaction was put at the fingertips of anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account, the statement that summed up the thoughts of the silent majority was: ‘I can’t make a difference, so I’m not going to try.’

Now, though, there is a feeling that, with the right content, one person can make a difference – thanks to the reach of social media. It’s a theory the Kony 2012 film put to the test. It’s a theory the spread of anti-government uprisings throughout the Middle East has affirmed. And it’s a theory the makers of a new YouTube video are counting on to help their content go viral and make a difference.



1. Mumbai Blasts 2011



The hashtags #heretohelp #needhelp went viral along with a google doc sheet that contained crowd sourced information like phone numbers for lifts, addresses for accommodation, blood types for donations, blood bank numbers, nearby hospital, police control rooms, names of missing persons etc. There were tweeple moderating the open source sheet to edit out information that seemed fake or malicious.

2. Anna Hazare Campaign

There is no stronger case study that disproves that online engagement for a cause stops at arm chair activism. With over 5 lakh fans on Facebook and remaining in the top list of trending topics in India during all of his fasting period, Anna Hazare not only just gathered the support of and mobilized millions across the globe online and offline but also sustained the interest of the people, tweeple and media with his determination with the Lokpal bill.

3.  60th Earth Hour

images (1)



It is the one of the globally imported campaigns that was the most widespread and saw a successful implementation in India. Five million Indians in public gatherings, residential houses, hotels, government centres and commercial centres switched off their lights in 65 cities. Of course, this is one of the most heavily budgeted and endorsed campaign by a non profit in India involving celebrity endorsement, advertisement, Government lobbying etc. But that doesn’t take the credit away from the simplicity of the act, its ‘virality’ potential, its lack of frills and controversial angle as well as the direct impact it has in making the common man feel like a part of ‘change’ i.e. in raising awareness towards global warming.


4. Bell Bajao Campaign


Domestic violence was once upon a time considered as “someone else’s private affair” until this campaign changed the popular perception, especially for many men and boys. The campaign not only moved many to come out of the closet of abuse on their blog but also inspired tweeple to live report incidents of violence in their neighbourhood or even their gym!

5. Justice For Keenan and Reuben

On October 20th, 2011 Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez were heavily injured in Andheri West, Mumbai following an attack by a group of over dozen men. Keenan died a few hours post the incident while Reuben struggled for his life in Kokilaben hospital. Facebook and Twitter were abuzz with messages of shock and support with 100 people showing up to donate blood for Reuben in response to a tweet that was passed around. Mainstream media did not pick it up in their editorials or discussions until Reuben passed away 8 days later. Along with Zero Tolerance Campaign, they collected over a lakh signatures online and on a piece of cloth that was presented to Home Minister R.R. Patil to take stronger measures against sexual harassment as well as the public outcry online has led to the case getting fast tracked in court.