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My 15 Seconds of Fame

What’s faster than making Maggi noodles? Making a YouTube video and watching it go viral.

The internet has forever changed some aspects of the world, and a sense of accomplishment is one of them. We live in a world of instant gratification. With the help of a miracle that is the internet, anyone can be famous. It started with Facebook and YouTube, and now there’s Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogs, every possible outlet to unleash your inner superstar. But have we thought about what this is turning us into? A fame hungry, insecure generation looking for approval. How could something that was meant to be a tool to communicate with the world turn so evil? The Internet has changed our definition of success, and of happiness. Unless someone likes that picture of us at a 5 star restaurant, we aren’t satisfied about eating there.

But what about the negativity? What about the security, that anonymity gives us? We don’t think twice about posting a negative comment about someone. We don’t think about what our words might be doing to that person. Kids like Amanda Bynes, Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, they’ve all been victims of this internet fame fad. They have tried every trick in the book to stay in the public eye, even if they’re harming themselves in the process. And these are only the famous examples. What about the ordinary kids who try stunts just so that they can have a viral video to their credit. Once their 15 seconds of fame is done, the rest of the world will move on, but these kids will be stuck in that time warp forever.

Its ridiculous how every single aspect of our lives needs to be on the internet for proof that we’re actually doing something worthwhile. We’ve forgotten that happiness doesn’t depend on the approval of other people. Love to write? Then write, but don’t write just so some people who probably don’t even understand what you’ve written ‘share’ your article on their Facebook page. If you want to sing, act, model, then do it. But then don’t wait for someone to tell you how good you are to keep getting better at it. Maybe you won’t have 1000 likes on Facebook, maybe you won’t have a YouTube video, but maybe instead you might actually have something no-one else can give you, satisfaction.

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Charu Mittal


The Best Of Indian Social Media Campaigns

Every start-up which has done its research knows that without the right marketing and without launching an effective social media campaign, the quality of your products or your belief in your company, means nothing.

Here is a list of social media campaigns that have captured the interest of people and sparked off a trend of coming up with the most creative and engaging ad campaigns.

1. #MoveOn

Fastrack, the bold and definitive youth brand that emphasises on ‘moving on’ in life, came up with an exciting campaign to target its young consumer segment. The campaign called “Make Hell Cool” is based on the end of the world prophecy by the Mayans where the world would be ending on the 21st of December. Beginning a week prior to doomsday, the campaign urged youth to sin as much as they want so they could be a winner in hell! Make Hell Cool had a dedicated website that served as a one-stop location for the campaign, along with an integrated presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


2. #YaarTuGodHai

download has come up with the concept of social integration on its portal  with the introduction of the new campaign ‘Yaar Tu God Hai’ (You are God, My friend). The campaign promises the candidates to find their ‘dream’ jobs and jump onto the bandwagon by connecting their accounts to Facebook and through their friend’s referrals/recommendations. The 2nd largest job portal in India is heavily promoting its new campaign on social media too. The idea of the campaign revolves around how your friends and their network help you get a job (or your ‘dream’ job in this case).

3. Dove


Unilever owned FMCG brand, Dove launched its new hair fall treatment product via real women sharing their experiences with the product through videos and blog posts, in the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Diary. The campaign used YouTube as a major social media channel along with its global Facebook page to run an exciting quiz around the stories. Surely a cool campaign for a product launch via social media.

4. Drive With MTV


MTV and Tata Nano created history by organizing India’s first 21 day social road trip called “Drive With MTV’ where 4 teams formed out of 16 participants, had to undertake a road trip of 2500 kms in 21 days, armed with a Tata Nano and Rs. 50K each. Each team had a social media engagement score based on the likes, comments, video views, etc. accumulated by posting content on social media sites and driving engagement through their social network. Winners were decided not only on the tasks performed but also on the social media engagement score.

5. Blackberry


Blackberry India launched a 360 degree marketing campaign

named “Action Starts Here” in the month of August. The essence of the campaign was to find out what does Blackberry stand for and the answer was “Action” and the action starts right away from Blackberry. Hence, the campaign focused on “Action has a symbol” and the brand line was “Action starts here”. The brand created a presence on all social media channels and started a pledge campaign for fans. The pledges that turned into action stood a chance to win a cool BlackBerry device.

Things You’ll Never Grow Too Old For

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

~Mark Twain


Nobody ever made a list of things that you’re too short or too tall or too thin or too fat for, so why let your age define you? There’s nothing stopping you from doing all the things that you wanted to do. If there’s something you missed out on when you were younger and have always wanted to do, then get up and get out the door and do it today.
Boman Irani is a well-known actor who started out as the owner of a bakery shop. He began his film career in 2000 at the age of 41 with a little known movie called ‘Everybody Says I’m Fine!’ But it wasn’t until 2003 when his career really took off with ‘Munnabhai MBBS’. Today he is one of the most popular comic actors and has acted in over 50 movies and advertisements. He never let his age come in the way of his acting career. He was content to wait until the ripe old age of 40 to enter the film business. In fact, most of today’s superstar actors are in the age bracket of 35-40. Even older superstars like Amitabh Bacchan and Rishi Kapoor who are both above the age of 65, and who have sons who are in the acting business themselves, have not given up acting and still have a considerable fan following.

Another name you might have heard mentioned in the news recently is Nola Ochs, who went back to school at the age of 95 and recently graduated with her 21 year old granddaughter. She had the courage to go back to school in pursuit of knowledge, despite being mocked and scorned at. Her age never stopped her from completing a degree which is something she must have dreamed of as a child. She then went on to pursue her masters at the age of   98 and is currently working on a book.

She has truly proved that you are never too old to go back to school and learn.

KFC and McDonalds are two very famous fast food chains that are loved all over the world. But do you know anything about the men who founded these world famous restaurants?

Colonel Sanders was 65 years old when he started Kentucky Fried Chicken, and it all just began with an idea and the persistence to do something with his life. As fate would have it, his idea took off and became the KFC we all know and love today.

Ray Kroc was 52 when he thought of a uniform system of production for burgers, milkshakes and fries and in doing so transformed the face of the fast food industry forever. Today almost every locality all over the world has a McDonalds. To say that Ray Kroc tasted great success would be an understatement.

An idea can transform the world, and there is no expiry date for an idea. Sometimes your idea might not even get popular initially, but much later in ways you least expect it, it might just take off.

Susan Boyle whose YouTube videos became a worldwide sensation after her audition in the talent hunt show, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ , was 49 years old when she decided to participate in the show. Today at the age of 51 she has released 4 albums and has appeared in numerous stage shows.

As you grow older you get a clearer idea of what you want to do and you’ve already learnt some lessons in life. So this is the time to fully enjoy all that life has to offer.  It’s a time to reinvent yourself, pursue your dreams and achieve success on your own terms.  This is a period of new found creativity and inspiration. Empowered by your life experiences you can achieve your full potential.

Do something completely crazy, watch a Disney movie you loved as a child, go to the park and play on the swings, blow some bubbles, eat ice cream for breakfast or anything else you always wanted to do.  This time, there’s nobody to place any restrictions.


Charu Mittal